PewDiePie Loves xhamster, under age girls and “Mature nude babes”

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Picture showing his search history: Read the entire description if you want proof that it’s real and that his accounts link to child porn. Relationship trouble with Kotaku? Publicity stunt gone wrong? Pause at 10:30 in his video then press space bar twice very quickly to play/pause until it comes up! His video: – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - We have researched the links and websites in his search history and found that they link to many underground websites that contain child pornography ranging from 9-16 years old, these videos are disgraceful and unacceptable, even worse is the fact that the majority of his 2.8 million subscribers are this age. We found out that his user name on these forums were “pewdophile”, sadly this is also comically ironic to the situation. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, what would your family say? What would your girlfriend Kotaku think? – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - News update: 25/11/2012 @ 13:37AM GMT Reporters have found ties linking from his search history linking to many illegal, underground websites that he uses the alias “pewdophile” on, with his alias he can move anonymously through the other paedophiles on these websites. After viewing the recent activity of this forum user, the reporter found that the most recent video he watched was titled “My Son feeds my Daughter his home made medicine”, after being


Ryan Wilson says:

This guy

Ryan Wilson says:

Teens standing for eighTEEN and nineTEEN you retard.
4chan, you have a cheek to talk. You’re the worlds biggest pedophile website around with all that japanese porn you have. The desc doesn’t mean anything, it’s just lies from a bunch of sweaty bastard who like children.

Bonnabell Baggins says:

Oh, well then calm down you dumbfuck, it’s still considered child porn. I’m assuming TEEN /amateur/ stood for TEENS under 18, so therefor, it’s still illegal.. So, y’know, calm your shit, thanks.

julllllllzzzzzz says:

Where the fuck does it say “15 year old hot girls”? In the comments? Oh, sure, but in the video? Nope. I watched the original video and have been searching. It’s not there. <.<
And, yes, I do accept the fact that every guy watches porn at least once in his life. And it says “big tits TEEN amateur”. Teenagers aren’t called children for a reason.

Bonnabell Baggins says:

Sorry hon, but one of the histories was true, I went and checked out the video myself, and it was all right there.

Also, child porn, online or not, is illegal. I love PewDie as much as the next person, but you have to accept a persons flaws. He isn’t a great god, he’s got flaws. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t like him, as I don’t care what he does, I still love him, but you just have to accept that he did indeed look up things like that.

blackirre says:

I actually stopped the video and it is true. Omg.

Bonnabell Baggins says:

I’m sorry, but it is true. I went and checked the video myself, and it was all right there.

julllllllzzzzzz says:

Wrong. You made that up. It doesn’t say “15 year old hot girls” anywhere. T_T Fucking liar.

Bonnabell Baggins says:

Uhhhhm… He searched for “amateur big tits” and “15 year old hot girls” last time I checked that’s child porn…

If you google searched his searches, you’d see that it all did indeed lead to illegal sites hosting child pornography..

I love PewDie, and honestly even if he has watched some child porn it really doesn’t bother me, but, you gotta accept that it’s true and it happened. So, please, just do us all a favour and shut up.

Ms314159265359 says:

No legal porn actually shows underaged girls. Everyone knows that. Some people like young looking girls, but they’re not really minors, so I failed to see how this is wrong. If that’s the case, then I’d say that %85 of the population are pedophiles. Obviously, this is slander. Just stop.

TeenagePanther511 says:

Actually, to be classed as a pedophile you would have to be interested in pre-pubescent girls/boys (generally age 11 years or younger, though specific diagnosis criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13).. So searching for ‘teen’ porn doesn’t really fall under that category, you can legally star in pornography from the age of 18, so technically ‘teen’ porn is perfectly legal.. this would make felix a ephebophile at most, not a pedophile.

Alexander Ayvazyan says:

Its real. I watched the actual video (walking dead final) and paused at the moment. This is no fake.

TeenagePanther511 says:

Who the hell is Kotaku? 

OpticSony says:

you are part of the US army secret fucks… part of the anonymous…. and have some strange fucked up vids on your channel… I think we don’t need more to know about you…

potatochipXL says:

Report the video.

Ragnox WasHere says:

Reasons why this video is totally useless:
1. Compare the history of pewdiepie at 0:05 and 0:12. Are they the same?
2. Watching porn is not bad at all. Better live your most pervert fantasies on internet than IRL!!

What an awful dake omagad. Thumbs up to end this bullshit!

Valee Ríos Jonas says:

/watch?v=gb94Y-SjDU0 Really? You wil believe it? -.-

Karly Candypop says:

“15 year old hot girls - xvideos”

julllllllzzzzzz says:

Don’t worry, bro. It isn’t true. Just a bunch of low-lives trying to ruin others.

julllllllzzzzzz says:

I can’t believe how stupid people can be. EVEN IF THIS WAS REAL, everyone watches porn at least once. And it’s child porn? I think not. Only sick people like you would come up with such an ignorant idea.
And why the hell would you be researching his history, creep?
And who the fuck is Kotaku?! Not his girlfriend, I can assure you.

iShadhe says:

If you loved him, you wouldn’t care. Say “like” not love.

lordfraction says:

Please tell me this isnt true… I loved Pewdiepie since the moment I laid eyes on him. This is too much…

MikuYue Kagamine says:

OMFG I had to reply this just to see myself… FUCKING TROLLS MAN you fucking liar.

Someone switched a youtube page with a porn history :/

mattuiop says:


Unbeliveable25 says:

His BROFIST will be going up your ass, as you’re about the right age that he likes to make porno videos with and delusional enough to fall for it.

Unbeliveable25 says:

Are you retarded? Read the description and follow the simple steps and you will see it for yourself in the video, it’s not creepy at all viewing the accidental frame that pewdiepie uploaded, the creepy part is the videos of child porn that links to his accounts.

Showingtheway y says:

go to fucking school kid, you’re late.

Regonio Bass-Kennedy says:

dude i remembe that episode!! it went to youtube and nothing else!! you put someone elses history up… isnt it kinda creepy looking at his history? O.O


Together we will bring down this kaffir zionist jew ✡”pewdiepie”/Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg✡




He is a jew (no just greedy,but am actuall jew).

much bibosa says:

ok 4chanYT, you are the pedophile yourself you barrel motherfucker. by going and pausing the video and looking at what pewdie’s internet history was i reckon thats a pretty creepy thing to do. so what if pewdiepie watches some porn we have all done it at some stage. seriously man get a fucking life…… keep up the motherfucking great work pewdie, BROFIST! – stephano ;)

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